Michelle Cecil & Mike Collins

Year 1 Team Leader

Michelle Cecil & Mike Collins

Year 1 Team Leader


Michelle Cecil                                         Mike Collins
Year 1 Team Leader                               ILR Educational Consultant
Based at Hillcrest Christian College    Based at Hillcrest Christian College

After a long career as a health professional, Michelle discovered her passion for teaching and loves engaging young learners in their quest for discovery.  As an experienced Early Years teacher at Hillcrest Christian College, Michelle is passionate about the role she plays in equipping children for life beyond the classroom; fostering a love for learning and challenging children to grow in skills as they head towards the 21st Century.  Michelle values supporting teachers as they embrace new educational paradigms and work collaboratively to help children realise their true potential.

Mike is married to the beautiful Kaye and together they have 3 children. He has been a teacher for nearly 30 years, across all year levels, including being a small school Principal for several years. In addition to this, Mike has been involved as an Education Advisor for Education Queensland and was most recently running the Gifted & Talented unit at Hillcrest Christian College for the past 12 years. Mike is now an ILR Educational Consultant based at Hillcrest Christian College, a role that sees him provide leadership and support to schools implementing the ILR program across Queensland.

Target audience Yr P-6

In the early years of learning, educators are challenged to create an environment that is fun and develop a culture that engages learning, fosters creativity and nurtures each child; encouraging them to grow in skills as they become 21st Century learners.

By providing learning opportunities firmly grounded in a quality pedagogical framework and encouraging exploration and discovery through rich learning experiences, students build the foundational skills required as they transition in their learning.  Students are supported to learn and challenged to grow.

The ILR Phonetic CODE program is a fresh approach to teaching phonics; a key building block for teaching the foundational skills of reading.  Utilising a simple colour and number system, students are able to navigate the English language to identify how every letter is pronounced.  It eliminates guesswork and recall of letter rules and rule breakers, exposing early readers to all words without complexity. No other Literacy Program uses this phonetic method and ILR is the only program to offer students 100% accuracy through this colour and number system.  By learning to read more competently from an earlier age, children are afforded time in a busy curriculum to engage in deeper, more meaningful learning which encourages exploration and challenges each child to grow in knowledge.

This breakout session will introduce you to the foundations of the ILR Phonetic CODE

  • What is it?
  • What are the 4 basic rules?
  • How is it incorporated into a rich reading program?
  • Where to from here?

All session by Michelle Cecil & Mike Collins

Breakout Session 1

Room 20