Martyn Harris

Head of New Horizons

Martyn Harris

Head of New Horizons


Head of Faculty
Based at Hillcrest Christian College
Project Based Learning Specialist

Marty Harris has over 10 years of experience as Head Teacher of Technology and Applied Studies at Northern Beaches Christian School and Pacific Hills Christian School.  He has extensive knowledge of project based learning and past roles include; Director of Technically Speaking, 12 years experience as a course provider and trainer in STEM based projects, digital resource author and co-inventor of the Power Anchor.

BREAKOUT SESSION 2 – Design Centred Learning
Target audience ALL

Hillcrest Christian College immerses students in a process called Design Centred Learning (DCL) to engage students with essential 21st century skills through a collaborative approach. DCL engages students in creativity, curiosity and critical thinking and in this workshop, participants will learn how to apply the concepts to a given task.

BREAKOUT SESSION 3 – STEM Projects using the Power Anchor
Target audience Yr 7-12

The Power Anchor is an innovative way of delivering power to model cars, ground effect vehicles and aircraft. One of the best ways to understand a theoretical concept is to create a model and test it.  Using the Power Anchor students make quick working models, test them, record results and modify designs. In this workshop participants will learn about the five STEM projects that can be used on the Power Anchor, then make a simple propeller driven vehicle that can be modified to improve its speed and efficiency.

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Breakout Session 2

Room 20

Breakout Session 3

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