Lisa Newland

Director, Sentis Education

Lisa Newland

Director, Sentis Education


Director, Sentis Education
Based on the Gold Coast
Organisational Learning Specialist

Lisa has worked in education for over 20 years and has a passion for building organisational learning cultures. She has been involved in global digital projects and created training programs for 21st century learning frameworks such as IMPACT, which has supported the learning of over 40,000 students across Queensland. Lisa has also appeared on the ABC’s Big Ideas Program about the Future of Schooling and presented a series of keynotes at a Global Microsoft Conference in Barcelona. In her time at Sentis, her work has included complex implementation projects, developing leadership capability and building performance cultures. Lisa has also led dynamic teams focusing on building internal capacity and individual capability.

Lisa is driven by the Sentis Education mission to change organisations and people’s lives for the better every day.

BREAKOUT SESSION 2 – What does it take to inspire your students?
Target audience ALL

“People don’t pay attention to boring things,” John Medina.

If all learning is brain-based, then, from our understanding of the brain, what strategies can we use to capture and maintain the attention and interest of our students? Discover the amazing capacity and interesting limitations of the brain. Validate why your successful strategies work and discover new ways to rework some simple classroom practices.


All session by Lisa Newland

Breakout Session 2

Room 20

Closing Keynote Presentation

College Theatre