Greg Wilkinson & Navdeep Pasricha

Greg Wilkinson & Navdeep Pasricha


Greg Wilkinson                                                     Navdeep Pasricha
Director of Learning and Innovation                Founder of iYouth
Based at Trinity Lutheran College                    Based on Gold Coast
Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert             Social Entrepreneur

Greg is the Director of Digital Learning and Innovation at Trinity Lutheran College in the city of the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. A passionate educator, he has a passion for student engagement, authentic learning experiences and preparing students to be active participants in a 21st century global economy. Previously Greg has held leadership roles as a Principal, Deputy Principal, Director of Digital Pedagogy, Director of ICT and National Curriculum and Strategy Consultant for ICT in schools. In his current role he is working with his staff on developing a collective ICT vision, digital strategy and teaching strategies in a 21st century agile classroom.

Navdeep Pasricha is a 19 year old social entrepreneur passionate about young people. After serving as a youth coach for 3 years, he founded iYouth to make an impact on a bigger scale. Committed to the mental health of Australia’s young people , iYouth currently works with schools and youth organisations. Their work, based on empirical research, helps people achieve their full potential. Navdeep is the 2015 IABCA National Young Community Achiever of the Year, Winner of the Bond Business Accelerator and Head of Volunteers at Startup Weekend Gold Coast.


Target audience Yr 7-12

Facing one of the biggest changes on our planet the digital revolution is fast changing the learning landscape,  our schools and colleges are grappling with this change to ensure our students are equipped with the skills to develop as active global citizens of a digital world. How do we ensure our students have the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to be active participants and leaders in this new economy. Developing students soft skills, technology skills and entrepreneur skills through authentic learning experiences has been the development of The HUB. Working closely with iYouth we are ensuring students have the capabilities to be active leaders in changing economy and world. This session will focus on the journey and development of this centre and the types of projects the students are now working on, along with how to develop these essential 21st century skills with your students.

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